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Antone Dolezal

SPE member since 2013
Archival Pigment Print

Wendel White

SPE member since 1985
Intestine, male, African descent, 1849 cholera. Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians Philadelphia
Pigment Inkjet Print on Paper

Lisa McCarty

SPE member since 2011
Developer Drawing 050841154-02 0645 3238
Impossible Instant Film

Emily Hanako Momohara

SPE member since 2004
Stray Bees
archival pigment print

Joshua Rashaad McFadden

SPE member since 2015
Hasani Sahlehe, left, and his father, Vernon Morgan
Archival Pigment Print

Jacinda Russell

SPE member since 2005
Room 121, Ball State University
archival inkjet print

Julia Bradshaw

SPE member since 2005
Giant Impact Crater Debris
silver gelatin photograph with dye

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13:1 February 1975


13:1 February 1975

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Ellen Carey Lecture with Cyan Studio, Oslo Norway

Runtime: 1:35:56

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Ellen Carey, a Pictures Generation contemporary and member of Buffalo's avant-garde — Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo — upends the medium's collective histories in art and technology with abstract, minimal "picture" signs.

Photography Degree Zero and Struck by Light names her twin practices, while Pictus & Writ supports her creative tripod with writing. The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) named Carey one of the top 100 women photographers worldwide - Hundred Heroines - one of 14 Americans.

She emphasizes drawing with light, photography's indexical; light with color, underscored in process and approach, is her performative record: a visual all - or - nothing (zero). Her photographs no longer represents object-subject relations but rather the twin interplay of light and shadow, stark in black and white minimalism while freeing color itself into a kaleidoscope of abstraction.
Well developed in the 20th century in — Abstract Expressionism, Minimal, Conceptual Art — Carey's photographic pictures of nothing upend the medium's collective histories asking us now: "What is photography?" Or "Is it a photograph"?

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