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2018 SPE Annual Conference: Uncertain Times: Borders, Refuge, Community, Nationhood / Hosted by The University of the Arts

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Kelli Connell

SPE member since 1999
This Morning
Archival digital inkjet print

Rebecca Sittler

SPE member since 2012
The Cracked Mirror

Abbey Hepner

SPE member since 2009
Untitled 3
Archival Pigment Print

Katy McCormick

SPE member since 2007
I Have A Dream, Lincoln Memorial
Chromera Print

Colleen Mullins

SPE member since 1999
Untitled, 08-07 (Algiers Point)
Archival Pigment Print

Greta Pratt

SPE member since 2014
Favorite Dresses
pigment pring

Bruce Myren

SPE member since 2006
Cushman Brook #5
Archival Inkjet Print

Christina Kellum

SPE member since 2015
Jenny, August
Inkjet print

Zachary Stephens

SPE member since 2015
Peter Diamondstone

David Martin

SPE member since 2010
Straight Bed/Queer Bed 1
Digital Photograph

Joshua White

SPE member since 2013
A Photographic Survey of the American Yard #412
Digital Photograph

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50:1 Spring 2017


50:1 Spring 2017

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Trekking through Philly underground #spephilly #spephilly2018

22 days ago via Instagram

Trekking through Philly underground #spephilly #spephilly2018

#philadelphia #cityhall #spephilly #spephilly2018

23 days ago via Instagram

#philadelphia #cityhall #spephilly #spephilly2018


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Stan Strembicki, Cruise Ship memory
pigmented inkjet, 2008, 30x40"

Really enjoying the colors of this image!
- Caitie Moore

Stunning photo! It makes you think about the journey!
- Nicholas Fedak II

Wow. I love this! I am trying to imagine what the surface looks like in person. Is this a lift ... more Wow. I love this! I am trying to imagine what the surface looks like in person. Is this a lift of some sort?
- Melissa Rackham

Love this photo!
- Meg Griffiths

Looks like a polaroid emulsion lift
- Susan Moore

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