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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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My Shadow is a Word Writing Itself Across Time - '18 Media Festiva...

Runtime: 6:05

Prompted by the fear of internment of Muslim Americans, this film reflects upon Manzanar, CA, the site of the largest WWII era Japanese internment camp in the US. Directed by Gazelle Samizay | Distribution: | 2017

Tags: Multicultural, Media Festival,

Blows With The Wind - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 6:30

Directed by Hazhir As'adi | Distribution: | 2017 A scarecrow journeys from his field under duress, only to find respite in the most likely of places.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

Genesis - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 10:00

Directed by Abtin Mozafari | Distribution: | 2017 A fantasy short film with a critical point of view about the horrible situation in Syria.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

The Exhale - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 23:38

Directed by Mohammad Hormozi | Distribution: | A father returns to his boyhood village along with his son to bury the remains of his own father under his favorite tree.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

The Four Hijabs - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 12:06

Directed by Elizabeth Wuerffel | Distribution by | 2016 | The Four Hijabs is an entertaining and accessible opportunity to engage with the complex ideas surrounding the hijab.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

Olympic Favela - '18 Media Festival


Directed by Marc Ohrem-Leclef | Distribution: | 2016 | As urban development projects for 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro pressed ahead, the city government removed thousands of families from their homes in Rio's slums (favelas). The last chapter of the Olympic Favela project (2012-2016), this film portrays the favela residents' relationship with their communities.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

This is All You Need to Know - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 8:49

Directed by Coral Pereda Serras | Distribution: | 2017 | This is All You Need to Know is an exploration of interfamilial relationships and dynamics by emphasizing culturally specific politics in Spain and the notion of divided identities. This film is a challenge to absolute positions and a search for the in-between spaces that construct one's identity.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

Tahoe CoLab Exhibition

Runtime: 16:13

In conjunction with the 2017 Society for Photographic Education West and Southwest Joint Chapter Retreat, "Tahoe CoLab: Creativity, Community, and Collaboration."

Tags: Chapter, Exhibition,

SPE NOLA Juried Caucus Exhibition

Runtime: 3:00

Check out this video that was created to recap SPE's multi-caucus exhibition at the 2015 national conference.

Tags: exhibition, caucus,

2015 SPE National Conference Highlights Video

Runtime: 3:58

Highlights video from SPE's 2015 National Conference in New Orleans by Walker Pickering.

Tags: highlights, conference,

Takashi Arai, Exposed in a Hundred Suns: US-Japan Nuclear Legacies...

Runtime: 18 minutes

If art is something that we cannot stop demanding to overpower us, or to transcend human knowledge and death, perhaps the new suns unveiled by thermonuclear bombs are some extreme realization of this demand-even if this is something that leaves an unremovable curse on the earth. There is a heavenly image of a nuclear cloud captured from way up in the sky. There is another image of deformed bodies piled on the ground of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is my impossible journey in search of new monuments to connect two images separated by an unbridgeable divide between extreme beauty and extreme ugliness.

Tags: conference-presentation,

Adam Ekberg, "Creating Temporal Environments"

Runtime: 42 minutes

Ekberg's work over the last 10 years has involved creating environments and intervening in landscapes exclusively for the purpose of making photographs. In these images he uses a vast array of objects, materials, lights, and techniques to transform the setting and thereby influence what is captured within the photographic frame. Ekberg's images add up to a world of objects misplaced, misused, or inexplicably activated. He hope that an illogical moment of disbelief allows for a potential reality, just slightly off, to present itself in these photographs.

Tags: conference-presentation,

SPE Exhibition: "Off the Web, On the Wall 2" - Winter 2014/15

Runtime: 10 minutes

A brief tour of SPE's member exhibition - installed in SPE's national headquarters in Cleveland.

Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe, Twenty Years of Collaboration

Runtime: 55 minutes

SPE 2014 National Conference Presentation "Twenty Years of Collaboration" by Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe.

Tags: Conference Presentation,

SPE Exhibition: "Off the Web, On the Wall 1" - Summer 2014

Runtime: 19 minutes

A brief tour of SPE's member exhibition - the first in a series - installed in SPE's national headquarters in Cleveland.

2014 National Conference Highlights Video

Runtime: 7 minutes

Tags: Conference,

John Upton, "The Golden Decade: The Students of Ansel Adams, Minor...

Runtime: 49 minutes

This is a recording from the SPE 2013 National Conference in Chicago, IL. The presentation examines the unique history of the photography program at the California School of Fine Arts (now the San Francisco Art Institute) from 1945 to 1955. The significance of the program in the postwar era of photographic education will be discussed in addition to the presentation of student and faculty photographs from the period.

Tags: Conference Presentation,

Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman, "Geolocation: Tribute to the Dat...

Runtime: 23 minutes

Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman's collaborative practice focuses on the cultural understanding of distance as perceived in modern life and network culture. In this video lecture, Nate explores the collaborative Geolocation project, which uses publicly available embedded GPS information in Twitter updates to track the locations of user posts. The collaborators then make photographs on the site of the update and pair the images with the originating text. The act of making a photograph anchors and memorializes the ephemeral online data in the real world and also probes the expectations of privacy surrounding social networks.

Tags: Larson Shindelman,

Carol Golemboski, "That Old Black and White Magic"

Runtime: 34 min

Carol Golemboski's manipulated, metaphorical images of classic illusions relate photography to the golden age of magic. Here the photographer is the conjurer, a performer who creates photographic tricks behind the curtain of the darkroom. For anyone who has ever marveled at an image "magically" appearing in the developer, these photographs express nostalgia or a way of making pictures that has quickly (and perhaps hastily) been overshadowed by digital technology. This project represents more than wistfulness for a past era and disappearing photographic techniques. It suggests that the magic of the darkroom has a place in photography's future.

Tags: Golemboski, Conference Presentation,

Steven Skopik, "Significant Insignificance-Banality in Contemporar...

Runtime: 47 minutes

Over the last few decades banality has emerged as a dominant conceptual position and aesthetic sensibility. In contrast to reigning traditions of the early and mid 20th-century approaches that valorized technical flourish, formal virtuosity, and a relatively earnest expressive register much contemporary photographic practice has gravitated towards intentionally crude pictorial styles, quotidian subject matter and a general temper of ambivalence and irony. Contradictorily, this version of banality alludes to a lurking and often fraught significance. Such work acknowledges the photographic medium's many contradictions and communicative limitations, while embracing its nonetheless considerable-and enduring-representational allure.

Tags: Conference Presentation, Skopik,

Jeff Curto, "A Life in Photography, Teaching & Learning"

Runtime: 39 minutes

SPE Midwest Region - 2013 Honored Educator Presentation by Jeff Curto.

Patrick Nagatani: LIVING IN THE STORY

Runtime: 3 min 37 sec

This film documents thirty-five years of artmaking by distinguished SPE member Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani, pioneer of the Contemporary Constructed Photographic Movement. Patrick's innovative, prolific work deals with anxiety in the nuclear age and methods of healing and transcendence. Scott Nagatani's hauntingly beautiful music score provides the film's soundtrack. The screening of the film will take place at SPE's 2018 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday, March 1, from 10:30 - 11:30 am.

Yangtze Drift - '18 Media Festival


Directed by John Rash | Distribution: | 2014 | This graceful and looping path along the Yangtze River allows reality to give way to kinetic abstractions in a contemporary city symphony film focused on Asia's longest river as an individual place. In beautiful black and white, this quiet and meditative river tour often confounds preconceptions while at the same time disputing the authenticity of the journey on which we have embarked.

Tags: Media FestivalMulticultural

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