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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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Past SPE Annual Conferences

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, and each member is elected by the board for a two-year term. This committee oversees the activities of all SPE committees and acts on behalf of the board when it is not in session. The Chair works closely with the Executive Director and directs the activities of all board committees. The Vice Chair advises the board in setting goals for the society, supervises long-term planning, and chairs the Steering Committee, which reviews current policies and programs in light of the society's changing needs. The Treasurer of SPE works on fundraising. The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes of the board meetings. Members of the Executive Committee convene three times each year in March, August, and January.

Liz Allen, Chair
Anne Massoni, Vice Chair
Rebecca Nolan, Secretary
Ariel Shanberg, Treasurer

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for the annual fall elections of the Board of Directors, including soliciting names of potential candidates from the membership and formulating a provisional slate.

Kelli Connell, Chair
Andrew Hershberger
Anne Massoni
Libby Rowe

Audit Committee

SPE's Audit Committee provides an oversight role. The Audit Committee may coordinate, monitor, and work closely with SPE's staff to prepare the organization for an independent audit. The Audit Committee also may participate in the decision to hire the auditor and should be responsible for evaluating the audit process and recommending whether or not to reengage the audit firm for subsequent audits. The Audit Committee is also the body that presents the auditors' findings to the Board of Directors, making sure that the full board understands any recommendations made by the auditors before formally accepting the audit report. Finally, the audit committee recommends changes in practices or reporting in order to adhere to general accounting principles and maintain industry "best practices."

Anne Massoni, Chair
Stephen Chalmers
Tomiko Jones

Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee, in cooperation with the Executive Committee, Board and SPE office, administers the Society's awards process including student scholarships and other membership awards of the Society. The committee is charged with initiating projects, which are intended to generate funds for scholarships. The Awards and Recognition Committee may also initiate projects designed to showcase the talents of awards applicants and recipients.

Tomiko Jones, Chair
Lauren Greenwald
Mark Malloy
Rebecca Nolan

Finance Committee (A Committee of the Corporation)

Ariel Shanberg, Chair
Rebecca Nolan

Development Committee (A Committee of the Corporation)

The Development Committee provides leadership and support in strategic development of philanthropic giving including annual fund, major gifts, membership and individual giving, grants and restricted giving, event-based fundraising, corporate and foundation relations, and sponsorships.

Liz Allen
Bill Gratton
Joe Lavine
Elizabeth Moore
Therese Mulligan
Paula Joy Reinhold

Communications Committee (A Committee of the Corporation)

The Communications Committee oversees the marketing and communications planning, provides input on SPE publications, sets direction for the website, recommends articles and projects for publication.

Lauren Greenwald, Co-Chair
Scott Hilton, Co-Chair
Andrew Hershberger
Nina Kidd
Jennifer Shea
Colin Edgington, Ex-Officio
Natalie Zelt, Ex-Officio

Conference Committee (A Committee of the Corporation)

The Conference Committee oversees the planning and implementation of the annual conference programming.

Libby Rowe, Co-Chair
Keliy Anderson-Staley, Co-Chair
Liz Allen
Lupita Murillo Tinnen

Affiliated Chapters Committee (A Committee of the Corporation)

The Affiliated Chapters Committee includes the eight chapter chairpersons. It serves as liaison to the chapters, and recommends policies and procedures relating to chapter matters.

Aspen Hochhalter, Chair
Elizabeth Claffey
Ginenne Clark
Libby Rowe

International Committee (A Committee of the Corporation)

The International Committee supports the expansion of SPE's scope to international partnerships, collaborations and programming.

Stephen Chalmers, Chair

Combined Caucus Committee (A Committee of the Corporation)

The Combined Caucus Committee includes caucus chairpersons. It serves as a liaison to the caucuses, and recommends policies and procedures relating to caucus matters.

Elizabeth Claffey, Chair | Women's Caucus Liaison
Kelli Connell, LGBTQ Caucus Liaison
Multicultural Caucus Liaison
Mark Malloy, Contingent Faculty Caucus Liaison

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