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The Multicultural Caucus supports and promotes multicultural image makers and image making in regional, national, and international contexts. It functions as a venue for the discussion of cultural issues by people of diverse cultural backgrounds; and confronts visual, educational, and social-political issues with integrity, honesty, and justice. Everyone is welcome.

Chair: Shadia Nilforoush -

CLICK HERE to learn more and keep up with Multicultural Caucus happenings. 


The Women's Caucus is committed to the advancement of women in the profession of photography and photographic education and to the advancement of women's issues in the exhibition, discussion and teaching of image making. All women of SPE are encouraged to attend the Women's Caucus organizational meetings.

Call for Women's Caucus histories: The WC has a rich and vibrant history that we do not want to see lost as we move forward with revitalized energy and focus. If you know pieces of the WC history or have stories that you would like to share with the newer members, please let us know! We are in the planning stages of a website and we would love to be able to post not just our current and future activities, but a bit of our colorful past as well.

Co-Chair: Sarah Ann Austin-Bagley -
Co-Secretary: Katharine Kreisher -
Co-Secretary: M. Laine Wyatt -

Social Media Coordinator: Shauna Caldwell -

Pride Caucus

The SPE Pride Caucus provides a safe, progressive, and justice-oriented community for LGBTQIA2+ image makers, students, educators, including those across intersectional identities and allies. Through engaging programming, exhibitions, and mentorship, we support the current and next generations of LGBTQIA2+ leaders in the field.

Chair: Nick Simko,
Secretary: Tommy Bruce,

CLICK HERE to learn more and keep up with Pride Caucus happenings. 

Contingent Faculty

SPE's Contingent Faculty Caucus is an inclusive organization that supports and acknowledges all SPE members who are working on a contingent basis. Through activism and advocacy, the Contingent Faculty Caucus provides a supportive community and resources for the adjunct/contingent population within SPE; facilitates organized peer review processes for photographic work; provides support for job applications via the SPE Career Mentoring Initiative; encourages and facilitates support and inclusion of adjunct/contingent faculty from the LGBTQ, Multicultural, and Women's Caucuses; facilitates assistance with unionization via external union organizations and social movement initiatives; and strengthens an alliance between full time and contingent faculty, with the purpose of cultivating a unified faculty body within SPE.

Co-Chair: Erin Jennings -
Co-Chair: Kristina Smith - 

High School Educator's

SPE's High School Educator's Caucus serves to bring high school teachers together to support each other in meaningful ways. We believe in the transformative power of education to develop critical thinking skills and visual literacy so important to all of our futures. We view our mission as high school educators as shaping not only the next generation of our community—but of our culture. It is essential that those who are teaching at any level be able to see clearly what is wanted and needed by students, and also to have a clear view of the educational systems supporting student development—early on. Thus, the High School Educator's Caucus seeks to enhance the connections among post-graduate and graduate teaching members of SPE with individuals teaching high school. We welcome and appreciate open dialog so that we can scaffold skills and even better prepare students for collegiate success. Most members of the Caucus share similar educational backgrounds to their post-secondary colleagues; they have completed MFA programs and are practicing artists. And, at the core of our programs, we often share similar objectives to those found in college-level programs. The High School Educator's Caucus provides an important venue to discuss curriculum, differentiating instruction for different learning styles and disabilities, program advocacy, addressing standards, budget constraints, educational movements, and expanding craft and knowledge base.

Co-Chair: Nicole Croy -
Co-Chair: Jessica Michels -

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