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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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Take advantage of automatic enrollment in your affiliated chapter. While each of the eight chapters are unique, they all provide local conferences, networking opportunites, and other benefits to serve the special needs of their constituency. You can also volunteer to serve as a chapter leader. 

Affiliated Chapter Leadership


Chair Rebecca Michaels
Vice Chair/Secretary Elena Volkova
Treasurer Jeanne Anderton
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Chair Rob Dickes
Vice Chair/Secretary Garin Horner
Treasurer Joseph Mougel
contact Midwest


Chair Jodie Goodnough
Vice Chair/Secretary Laura Beth Reese
Treasurer Deanna Witman
contact Northeast


Chair J. Jason Lazarus
Vice Chair/Secretary Rani Robison
Treasurer Jennie Castle
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South Central

Chair Diane Durant
Vice Chair/Secretary Rebecca Drolen
Treasurer Kristy Peet
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Chair Zane Logan
Vice Chair/Secretary Josh White
Treasurer Emily Gomez
contact Southeast


Chair Abbey Hepner
Vice Chair/Secretary Emma Powell
Treasurer Paul Sisson
contact Southwest


Chair Amanda Dahlgren
Treasurer Ken Marchionno
contact West

International Chapters




Upcoming Chapter Events

2019 SPESE: Double-sided

This Conference is About Photography Books

Graduate Hotel, Richmond - Richmond, Virginia   |   October 17 - October 20, 2019

With the rise of self publishing, installation, performance, and expanded approaches to the photo book, SPESE 2019 invites you to Richmond, VA where VCUarts and the Departments of Art & Art History at William & Mary and the University of Richmond will explore Photography off the wall – disseminated and transmitted by gatekeepers and DIY'ers, through actual and virtual networked communities. Topics of exploration  include the nature of research and image circulation; collectives and special collections; working with designers, writers and text; the book as object and event, and most importantly, empowering our students to move the conversation around Photography Books forward for the next generation of artists, educators, consumers and producers. Background image by Keynote Speaker: Carmen Winant, "My Birth, 2018." Found images, tape. Installation view of Being: New Photography 2018 at The Museum of Modern Art, New York"

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Communities, Collaborations and Collectives

Saint Kate - Milwaukee, Wisconsin   |   October 24 - October 27, 2019

Ours is a time of increasing political, cultural, and economic division.  While the impulse to turn inward and interact with only those of like minds is strong, the creative class has every opportunity to resist that urge by bridging divides, building community, and bringing visibility to voices and efforts that are working to strengthen our shared visions for the future.  Creative collaborations and artist collectives help to provide effective and sustainable models for building sound structures that serve to unify our regional, national, and global populations of varying needs and perspectives. This year's theme is an opportunity to think beyond the needs of the individual maker, gesture, or venue, in an effort to promote shared agency in utilizing the photographic medium as a tool for unifying group interests, bringing voice to underrepresented communities, and communicating the experiences of those on all sides of the divide. PORTFOLIO REVIEWS: FULL REVIEWER CATEGORY DISCRIPTIONS: Category 1 - Can offer thoughtful critique of images and context, share ideas, discuss portfolio or project development, provide information regarding career strategy or recruitment. Category 2 - Can offer exhibition opportunities, residencies, grants, as well as portfolio opportunities, professional networking, idea sharing and establishment life-long connections. REVIEWER: Aimée Beaubien (1), Jan Christian Bernabe (1&2), Brennan Booker (1&2), Kelli Connell (1&2), Eli Craven (1), Rachel Cox (1), Jeanne Donegan (1&2), Elizabeth Flinsch (1&2), Dana Fritz (1&2), Larry Gawel (2), Grant Gill (1), Abbey Hepner (1), David Johnson (1), Tomiko Jones and Darcy Padilla (1), Colleen Keihm (1), Elise Kirk (1), Margaret LeJeune (1&2), Shana McCaw (1&2), Noritaka Minami (2), Joseph Mougel (1), Jennifer Murray (1&2), Ariel Pate (1), Maureen Ragalie (2), Christopher Schneberger (1&2), Kyle Seis (2), Christine Shank (1), John Sobczak (1), Jordan Tate (1), Rana Young (1), Naomi Shersty (2) To see portfolio review schedule and reviewers bio, click here.

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Photography: Mentorship and Legacy

Rhode Island School of Design - Providence, RI   |   October 26 - October 27, 2019

Each photographer carries with them the photographers who have gone before - those who were our mentors and educators, and those we never met but who taught us nonetheless. In many ways, these are the first important steps towards building support and community for ourselves. The 2019 SPE Northeast Chapter Conference will focus on photography's rich tradition of mentorship and legacy, and the ways in which we as educators continue that tradition in our classrooms. We are honored to have the photographers Doug DuBois and D'Angelo Lovell Williams giving a joint Keynote Presentation on Saturday night around the themes of our conference! OUR CALL FOR WORK IS CLOSED!Decisions coming soon!

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All-Inclusive: Photography for Social Justice

2019 Joint West/Southwest Chapter Conference

Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA   |   November 01 - November 03, 2019

Come learn from and connect with other individuals working with critical issues in social justice. This conference is co-hosted by the West and Southwest Chapters of SPE and the Department of Art and Art History at Santa Clara University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, minutes from the San Jose Airport and less than an hour from the old stomping grounds of Group f/64, which includes Carmel, San Francisco, and Oakland.     We will explore how photography is used to challenge injustice, pursue social equality, and advance human rights through creative skills in order to inspire social movements, to witness, to resist oppression, to pose the difficult questions, and to stimulate debate and awareness about critical social issues. Registration fees, paid directly to SPE: Regular, Senior, or Sustaining member: $90 Contingent Faculty/Part-Time or Bridge member: $55 Student member: $25 Non-member: $215 Student non-member: $80 Because nearby quick restaurants are very limited, we will be providing an optional $15 lunch on site on Saturday. Must be paid in advance at the time of registration. Conference Co-Chairs: Renee Billingslea and Amanda Dahlgren West Chapter Chair: Amanda DahlgrenSouthwest Chapter Chair: Abbey Hepner For questions or comments about the conference, please email:

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