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My Shadow is a Word Writing Itself Across Time - '18 Media Festiva...

Runtime: 6:05

Prompted by the fear of internment of Muslim Americans, this film reflects upon Manzanar, CA, the site of the largest WWII era Japanese internment camp in the US. Directed by Gazelle Samizay | Distribution: | 2017

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

Blows With The Wind - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 6:30

Directed by Hazhir As'adi | Distribution: | 2017 A scarecrow journeys from his field under duress, only to find respite in the most likely of places.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

Genesis - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 10:00

Directed by Abtin Mozafari | Distribution: | 2017 A fantasy short film with a critical point of view about the horrible situation in Syria.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

The Exhale - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 23:38

Directed by Mohammad Hormozi | Distribution: | A father returns to his boyhood village along with his son to bury the remains of his own father under his favorite tree.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

The Four Hijabs - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 12:06

Directed by Elizabeth Wuerffel | Distribution by | 2016 | The Four Hijabs is an entertaining and accessible opportunity to engage with the complex ideas surrounding the hijab.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

Olympic Favela - '18 Media Festival


Directed by Marc Ohrem-Leclef | Distribution: | 2016 | As urban development projects for 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro pressed ahead, the city government removed thousands of families from their homes in Rio's slums (favelas). The last chapter of the Olympic Favela project (2012-2016), this film portrays the favela residents' relationship with their communities.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

This is All You Need to Know - '18 Media Festival

Runtime: 8:49

Directed by Coral Pereda Serras | Distribution: | 2017 | This is All You Need to Know is an exploration of interfamilial relationships and dynamics by emphasizing culturally specific politics in Spain and the notion of divided identities. This film is a challenge to absolute positions and a search for the in-between spaces that construct one's identity.

Tags: Media Festival, Multicultural,

Yangtze Drift - '18 Media Festival


Directed by John Rash | Distribution: | 2014 | This graceful and looping path along the Yangtze River allows reality to give way to kinetic abstractions in a contemporary city symphony film focused on Asia's longest river as an individual place. In beautiful black and white, this quiet and meditative river tour often confounds preconceptions while at the same time disputing the authenticity of the journey on which we have embarked.

Tags: Media FestivalMulticultural

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