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SPE Call for Teaching Tools

Society for Photographic Education   /   Deadline: 05/18/19

The Society for Photographic Education is building its collaborative, online member resources by developing the Teaching Tools section of our website, which will be comprised of Syllabi materials, Reading Lists, and Assignments. SPE Members have access to the Teaching Tools through the member portal and can use this resource for course development and pedagogical advancement. This Call for Teaching Tools is a request to members for syllabi, suggested readings, previously given assignments, or any other teaching materials you would like to share

We aim to create a shared community resource and archive that directly benefits all members. Contributors are welcome to include their name and college/university on the materials or remain anonymous.


Must be a current SPE Member


1. Complete the Submission FORM to enter.
2. For syllabi material, please include a semester or 8-week schedule alongside course materials so readers can understand how the ideas and discussion build over time.
3. If submitting a reading list, please include a brief (1-3 sentence) explanation of each item on your list. Books, articles, websites, videos are all welcome on the reading lists.
4. When submitting an assignment please include an assignment description, length of time for given assignment (including any mid-point requirements), level of assignment (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and outcome.

Evaluation Criteria

All submissions will be reviewed by SPE board members, staff, and/or volunteers, prior to their inclusion in Teaching Tools. Please allow several weeks for submitted material to be viewed and uploaded. If your materials are included in Teaching Tools, please include such information in your CV and/or annual review!

We greatly appreciate all members who contribute to this community-created resource for SPE and we look forward to seeing your submissions.


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