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Posted February 26, 2020 in Member News

Prairie Fire 2020 New Midwest Workshop

The Pilot at Halo Hill Photography Workshops.
7 Days in the Midwest with photographer Chehalis Hegner.

MAY 17-23, Harvard, IL
Closest Airport: O'Hare International

Website and Application:

"Making Art is always about your next big breakthrough."

Prairie Fire 2020, is a inspired by nature's process of burning off that which is no longer useful so that new life will have nourishment and space to grow. This workshop is designed to ignite a cleansing fire within the artist, and the intent is to enrich and prepare each photographer's soil for new growth. Creative endeavors are often framed as being "difficult" or "hard." This is one of the many myths we can choose to release and throw in the fire. As powerful creators we will excavate and investigate old belief systems. Weeds will be pulled, dead branches will be pruned, old ways will be challenged. The unknown will become our best friend and teacher as we make new work during the workshop.

We are powerful creators. We can become invigorated by ongoing transformative experiences. These have great impact on the art we create. Our lives can be set on fire to the point where what we create will surprise, delight and even surpass us. Prairie Fire 2020 is a creative laboratory where together a group of us will be challenged to find new ways to overflow with ideas and follow through on them. There are times when we question the value of our path. Sometimes this questioning is useful. Sometimes it just slows us down. If you'd like to revise and revitalize your creative practice while reaping the benefits of being in a powerful community with other like-minded seekers, this is the workshop for you.

Through photography, writing, and free-play exercises, you will engage in individual and collaborative work. The intent of this workshop is to find a deeper connection with your inner inventor/artist so you'll head home with new tools that will keep your work fresh, alive, expressive, impactful, and in a new place.

Midweek we'll take an inspirational day-trip to Chicago by train. Stops include the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

"The finest voice and vision with the heart and eye of a master teacher, that's Chehalis. Prairie Fire? A great title and metaphor. I keep hearing Neil Young's Long May You Run. Just what a workshop's all about." ~ Arno Rafael Minkkinen, photographer and recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, Lucie Award,and SPE Honored Educator Award.

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