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Posted February 05, 2020 in Member News

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang to be featured in group show at Filter Space

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang has been selected as one of the artists to be featured in March 2020 for the show Context 2020 at Filter Space.

He will be featuring his photographic tapestry entitled "Bronze Age" there.

Artist Statement: As a photographer who is invested into fiber arts, I have been focused lately on combining both media into a hybrid. After studying the history of tapestry as a traditional craft medium used by the wealthy royalty to celebrate self-aggrandizing events in European courts, I decided to pursue executing tapestries of my photography in conjunction with my political activism.

The range of my subjects for this submitted series include tracing the history of how car bombs and political assassinations were used to enforce cultural and financial oppression worldwide including my current hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. I read Naomi Klein's masterwork "The Shock Doctrine" a long time ago and realized the pattern of political violence which was implemented to suppress dissenting voices while propping up all types of dicatorships. I feel strongly that my revisionist method of using tapestry as a form of historical painting results from my combination of social activism with creating a new hybrid between photography and weaving.

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