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Posted March 22, 2016 in Member News

Marcus Desieno Featured on Lenscratch

Author: SPE National

Marcus DeSieno was featured today on Lenscratch

"This body of work probes the immense scale of the universe as the microscopic and macrocosmic coalesce into an art object. Invisible microscopic bacteria are grown onto photographic film of appropriated images from the far reaches of outer space. The bacteria are swabbed from locations, both ubiquitous and exotic, as I try to find the variety of microscopic life from the most unlikely places. A layer of chemistry is then applied to the surface of photographic film to act as a breeding ground for the bacteria. As the bacteria grow and multiply, they interact with the film, altering it, stripping away color layers, and slowly disintegrating the archaic media into an unpredictable abstraction of color and texture. I scan the bacteria-laden film in order to create the final prints and, in the process, kill this microscopic ecosystem. This whole series is a performative act of simultaneous creation and destruction, a notion tied to the very fabric of existence itself."

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