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Past SPE Annual Conferences

SPE Midwest Award History


Honored Educator: Linda Adele Goodine
Midwest SPE Professional Travel Honorarium: Jeff Rich, Lara Shipley, Rebecca Zeiss, Chris Mortenson, Christopher Schneberger, Joy Christiansen Erb, Peter Happel Christian
Undergraduate Student Conference Travel Award: Lauren Bina, Megan Lendman, Danielle Owensby, Ying Ruan
Graduate Student Conference Travel Award: Abigail Thompson, David Rocco
Adjunct Conference Travel Award: Laura Burke, Lily Mayfield


Honored Educator: Stan Strembicki
Midwest SPE Professional Travel Honorarium: Andrew Boroweic, Daniel Coburn, Margaret LeJeune
National Conference Travel Support: Stephen Takacs (Brownie in Motion)
Undergraduate Student Scholarship: Erin Dvorak, Kyle Seis, Zora Murff, Ashley Brandenburger
Graduate Student Scholarship: Chadric Devin, Amanda Carmer
Adjunct Scholarship: Gregory Davis, William Knipscher


Honored Educator: Jeff Curto
Undergraduate Student Scholarship: Alaina Hickman, Nicole Hupp
Graduate Student Scholarship: Kate Allen
Adjunct Scholarship: Heather Wetzel
SPEMW Notable Presentation Award: Marissa Vigneault, Daniel Coburn, Darryl Baird


Honored Educator: Ardine Nelson
Undergraduate Scholarship: Julia Kozerski, Kaitlin Infante
Graduate Student Scholarship: Julie Jones
Adjunct Scholarship: Jose Velazco
SPEMW Student Show Awards: Darlin Blanco-Lozano, Jessica Ostrander, Jacob Koestler
SPEMW Members Exhibition Awards: Gwen Walstrand, Stefano Cossu, Rebecca Zeiss, Rachel Reiser


Honored Educator: No Midwest Conference in 2011
Undergraduate Scholarship: Dana Wickwire
Midwest Photo Exchange Undergraduate Scholarship: Stephanie Vance
Graduate Student Scholarship: David Bowman
Adjunct Scholarship: Amanda Pfister

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