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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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Vince Lusk

SPE Member since 2021
Member Chapter: Midwest

Life After 22 Years

The Army takes its toll on Soldiers by pushing them to their limits, physically and mentally, but none of that compares to one of the hardest things I ever had to experience, which is the transition from 22 years in the Army to a retired veteran and civilian. Adjusting to that change feels like it's equivalent to starting a completely new life. Frankly, it is starting a new life. A military environment is the polar opposite from a civilian environment; a highly disciplined and strict lifestyle to independent and free; an established structure to making my own structure; and an umbrella of benefits and security to creating my own sense of security.

Since this is a new experience for me, I can imagine it's definitely new for those that never served in the military. My intent is to show this transition as one of the most difficult in a Soldier's life. Through my lens, those that never served in the military will get a glimpse of the challenges and excitement as I transition from one life to another.

Entering the Unknown

Remember Where It Began

Have To Start Somewhere

Born Again With New Life Choices

Keeping A Memoir

Letting It Go


Made Things Easier

Starting A New Career

Rugged vs. Smooth

That Somewhere Evolved

Focused On Moving Forward

Avoid Substance Abuse

Isolated But Peaceful


Tactically Professional

Exiting The Unknown

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