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Richard Gray

SPE Member since 1980
Member Chapter: Northwest

98.6 and Veteran's Portrait Project

In the series "98.6," (2009-2015) Gray uses a thermal imaging camera in total darkness to record the phenomenon of body heat. Gray's latest project, "Veteran's Portrait Project," (2017) also uses a thermal camera to produce portraits of U.S. military veterans from St. Joseph County, Indiana. It builds upon the series of previous portrait work named for the normal body temperature of humans. The camera, which is typically used for industrial applications, records the image of one's body heat, revealing unseen levels of physical detail not available through human sight. These "sub-visible" thermal portraits present an enigmatic trace of one's existence, personal and intimate, revealing appearances that are profoundly unique and individualized. The heat image suggests a metaphorical link between a life lived, and the incredible bundle of personal and emotional experiences associated with military service.

T.H. from the series 98.6

E.N. from the series 98.6

J.W. from the series 98.6

J. Shea Marines/ Rifleman, 1st Battalion 9th Marines (Walking Dead) Vietnam- 308 Days

R. Carlson Army/ 82nd Airborne Iraq- 1568 Days

T. Sherman Army/ 11 Bravo Infantry Vietnam- 699 Days

S. Rule Marines/ Sniper Somalia, Hawaii- 3835 Days

R. Mayes Marines/ Field Corps Medic Stateside Duty- 4383 days

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