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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Peter Hiatt

SPE Member since 2015
Member Chapter: South Central


I am interested in reducing the landscape to its most simple elements. As I observed the landscape around me, it seemed that trees, buildings, power lines and billboards would always interrupt my compositions. These objects broke up the solid forms of the earth and sky. The idea stuck me to hold my camera’s shutter open while panning on the horizon. This technique revealed sublime, minimalist forms in the world that are hidden to the naked eye. The details of the scene are merged into thin lines and solid blocks of color. These images transform a random, chaotic scene into a form with structure and power.

Lake Worth Overlook

Lake Ray Roberts

Denton Mall

Lake Worth

Marine Creek Lake II

Jacksboro Highway

The Farm at Night



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