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HEXIE (4096.25)

Intermittent transmission of information - or non-information, like static – plays a major role in how I think about and use photography. My work generally has some form of calculated intervention, either through process and approach or the presentation of varied photographic forms in one space. These images document my time in the desert; a space that through its vastness, information becomes degraded. The work was produced in several forms: large format negatives, expired film, lumen prints and Polaroids, to speak to multiple ways one place can be seen and understood. The images depict the desert's emptiness, the human presence, and the inability to fully capture a place through photographs.

4096.25 Hexie is a shortwave radio frequency that plays a repeated "dit" every two seconds. It is transmitted from a pirate beacon in Joshua Tree, CA. The signal is not particularly strong, but dependent on how it bounces off the ionosphere, it can be heard in unexpected locations.


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