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Kristin Reeves

SPE Member since 2001
Member Chapter: Midwest

[What Is This Feeling]

Medical experts are charged with unpacking mysteries held within bodies. They ask optical machines and their resulting media to truthfully answer what it is to be human, where it hurts, and to perform as virtual selves. I ask the same of media as an artist who grew up being used for pediatric research and started digging through medical archives to see if I would find myself. Now by dissecting media cadavers, I diagnose their effects and uncover moments that feel like my own. I'm taken by physical memory: human, film, and video.

Je Ne Sais Plus #1

Cadere I

[What Is This Feeling] #1

Mechanoreceptors 1-3

Blue Dr.

Songs About Me

(Detail) Songs About Me

(Detail) Songs About Me




Je Ne Sais Plus [What Is This Feeling] II

Dr Blue

Excitable Cells [Excited] 1-3

Je Ne Sais Plus [What Is This Feeling] III



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