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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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Julia Martin

SPE Member since 2015
Member Chapter: Southwest

Between That Earth and That Sky, I Felt Whole

In the land I see time. It changes and evolves slowly, gradually. Things remain the same for years, centuries; yet there are moments of ephemerality. Working in these grasslands, I become innately aware of the cycles of life, death, and mortality surrounding me. I become aware of my own mortality.

I photograph the land to reveal the inherent beauty of these subtle moments of ephemera. I also explore my own relationship with the land. Being in this place of life and death and rebirth, I long to be a part of that cycle. When I die, I want my body to become a part of the earth, to grow new life. To become a part of the whole.

The work itself is tactile and delicate, taking on the ephemeral qualities of its subject matter. I use elements of the grass in the work and every piece is meant to give a sense of the place. The tactility in the making of the work is reminiscent of the tactility of the land. I want to immerse myself fully into the land through the process of making.

Installation View

Becoming the Land

Landscape Rituals


Land Ephemera



Desert Sage




The Burial

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