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2019 Annual Conference


March 07-10, 2019

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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Jack Toolin

SPE Member since 1990
Member Chapter: Northeast

Perfect View

C5 Landscape Initiative, 2003 to 2005. This a monumental landscape project that was initiated in 2003 with exhibitions of all or part at venues in Buenos Aires, San Francisco, New York City, Syracuse, and in 2008 the San Jose Museum of Art. It is composed of four components: Analogous Landscape, Other Path, Perfect View, and the C5 GPS Media Player. Perfect View, the most photographic of the projects, was exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum in August, 2010. Perfect View: This is an exploration of landscape, technology, and the network of independent explorers utilizing GPS to implement their excursions. Geocaching enthusiasts across the U.S. were asked to recommend locations they thought were sublime. The latitude and longitude coordinates retrieved from this collective intelligence became the waypoints (guide points) for a thirty-three state, thirteen thousand mile motorcycle expedition and the subject matter of this project. The exhibited pieces are triptychs that juxtapose three different ways of viewing the topography of sublime sites, including panoramic photographic documentation, satellite aerial imagery of the location, and 3D computer graphic imagery of the topography using USGS topographical data as a source. The work plays on our extraordinary ability to represent nature while the qualities of sublimity remain elusive. The work also plays on the parallels between technological and philosophical developments during the Enlightenment and during our current high-tech period.

22"N 45˚ 02.084 W 070˚ 19.126, Maine

N 44 25.528 W 073 40.109, New York

N 44˚ 21.184 W 068˚ 13.514, Maine

N 37˚ 49.130 W083˚ 34.750, Kentucky

Analogous Landscape

Other Path

C5 GPS Media Player

GPS Wayfinding

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