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Jack Toolin

SPE Member since 1990
Member Chapter: Northeast

My Space for Your Life

This project employs the potential of viral communication within social networking web sites (in this case Facebook) to spread awareness of the accidental deaths accompanying the Iraq war (and all wars). Memorial Facebook pages are created in honor individuals killed in Iraq. Volunteers have agreed to stand in for the Iraqi named in the sign they hold. These pages are then circulated through the Facebook community by the act of friending. I have completed approximately twenty pages myself and will soon put out a call for people around the world to create pages.

You can participate in this project by searching for and friending the Facebook pages for the Iraqis named above. You can also contact me to be photographed if you are in New York City.

Richard Lewis for Hasheem Rasheed

Facebook page for Hasheem Rasheed

Christiane Paul for 'Children of Woman'

Todd Ettman for Muqdad Muhsin

Susan Lisbin for Luma Hadi

Ann Dibble for Karim Rahman

Ed Decarbo for Ali Al-Yassiri

Amanda MacDonald Crowley for Taghreed Almed Al-Maadidi

Andres Pang for Sarwa Abdul Wahab

Carlos Motta for Haider Hashim

Mary Flanagan for Hasan Banimarani

Jeri and Bob Cohn for Asmaeel Taher

Yue Lou for Clawiz Hussein

Nick Pedersen for Ahmad Shalal

Silvia Berklein for Sona Noubar

Mark Skwarek for Rakan Aziz

Yael Kanarek for K11974

Yuliya Lanina for 'Daughter of Dead Woman'

Christine Laffer for Enel Meskoni

Rob Smith for Khaled Mohsen

Wafaa Bilal for Nadia Jameel

Nestor Gil for Raid Khudair

Will Pappenheimer for Khalil Ibrahim

Beatriz DaCosta for Fatima Guayer

John Craig Freeman for Elhama Saad Athia

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