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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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Gary Kolb

SPE Member since 1980
Member Chapter: Midwest

Antarctic Dreams (1 of 2)

Antarctica inspires imaginations, an immense and nearly pristine continent, inhospitable yet enticing exploration and discovery. Governed through treaty by multiple nations that all stake political and research capital there, Antarctica is a contested space. With climate change and resource exploration leading to increased interest in the southernmost continent, we all live seemingly closer to Antarctica than ever before in history. In these images from my brief travels there I hope to articulate small pieces of Antarctica's past and present-its history of exploration and resource exploitation, the lives of its resident birds and mammals, and its incredible natural beauty.

Antarctic Dream

Gentoo Penguin

Wedell Seal

Penguins Fishing

Elephant Seals, Beach Wallow

Chinstrap Penguins

Penguis, Ice Floe

Penguin Colony

Cape Petrels

Adelie Penguin

Volcanic Rocks, Deception Island

Rocks and Algae

Seaweed and Rocks

Rocks and Ice

Young Volcano, Deception Island

Shore/Time, Deception Island

Shore 1, Deception Island

Shore 2, Deception Island

Beached Ice 2

View From Neptune's Window, Deception Island

Island Range, Bransfield Strait

Antarctic Tide Pool

Beached Ice 1

Brash Ice

Snow Pack

Snow Ridge

Monolith and Iceberg

First Land, South Shetland Islands


Glacial Face

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