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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Dena Eber

SPE Member since 2009
Member Chapter: Midwest

2015 Caucus Application Portfolio

Artist’s Statement
Dena Elisabeth Eber

Inspired by superstring theory, which predicts the existence of extra dimensions that we do not see (ten plus time for eleven in total), the Traces portfolio is my artistic interpretation of how I sense these extra dimensions intersecting with our space. Much like the one-dimensional monarch from "Lineland" in Abbott’s novel "Flatland" who, because of his inability to detect two dimensions from his one-dimensional point of view, thinks a conversation he had with a two-dimensional character was his own thought, we might detect traces of higher dimensions in similarly limited ways. A flash of light here, a dash of color there, shifts of space at night or a human-like form in the trees, the Traces portfolio contains the chemtrails of what I detect as the leftover relics from what higher dimensions have left behind.

Traces 1

Traces 2

Traces 3

Traces 4

Traces 5

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