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Deb Lillie

SPE Member since 1989
Member Chapter: South Central

Collateral Damage

The subject matter in these images is a collection of glue traps. The traps that started this project had been placed in my friend's attic 15 years ago, and were only recently discovered, encrusted with the bodies of the creatures who had been living there and had strayed onto the traps. Photographed in the studio and enlarged many times their original size*, some of the images take on the character of a paleontological excavation, while others become oddly narrative. Viewers who may normally feel repulsed by these animals are invited to view them with a more sympathetic eye.
*Prints are about 2' x 4'

Collateral Damage 01

Collateral Damage 02

Collateral Damage 03

Collateral Damage 04

Collateral Damage 05

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