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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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Daniel George

SPE Member since 2008
Member Chapter: Southwest

Nobody Wanted

In the American West, vast areas of remote, arid terrain were historically disregarded by early settlers and described as “the lands nobody wanted.” In the Upper Snake River Valley of Eastern Idaho, parts of these sagebrush desert expanses, now overseen by the Federal Bureau of Land Management, are regularly used by local gun-owners for target shooting. My work is an examination of this culture and tradition, which is rooted in the concept of rugged individualism, the myth of the frontier, and a strict championing of the Second Amendment. Through the documentation of landscapes, artifacts, and individuals, I am considering the social, political, and ecological issues that intersect and complicate this once undesirable frontier.

Menan Butte State Historical Marker, Madison County

Shells and Burned Targets, Jefferson County

Dwayne, Weatherby 12 Gauge

Taylor, Ruger SR40c

Sagebrush and Watermelon, Jefferson County

Devin, AR15

Shells, Madison County

Kai, Jed, Daniel, .243 Rifle

Linda, Stephen, Smith & Wesson 9mm

Clay Target Discs (hit), Jefferson County

Mase, Micahlyn, Double Barrel 12 Gauge, Ruger 10/22

Discarded Box Spring, Madison County

Damon, C39v2 Century Arms

Zach, Rich, Remington Express Super Mag

Discarded Targets, Madison County

Alyssa, Courtney, Josh, Colten, Remington 12 Gauge

Discarded Television, Jefferson County

Basalt, Jefferson County

Dallin, AR15

Nate, Mossberg 12 Gauge

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