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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Christopher Grinnell

SPE Member since 1999
Member Chapter: West

Urban Sublime

The ongoing photographic series "Urban Sublime" articulates my interest in the affected landscape and the social arena of verbal and visual expression. Since the mid 1980s, I have explored urban environments searching for chance encounters of space, light, and cultural remnants that signify aspects of our contemporary existence. I am drawn to manifestations of social commentary and ways in which people communicate and express themselves by leaving their mark on the landscape. I view the urban environment as a canvas of cultural expression to be mined for glimpses of truths about contemporary culture and social interaction. Nature takes a back seat in my photographs, often struggling for attention, yet seldom dominating the content of the piece.

Alibi, Albuquerque, 2004

Banker, Philadelphia, 2005

Bomb, Richmond, 2004

Chico, NYC, 1988

Citizen, Richmond, 2004

Crimson, NYC, 2004

Dutch, Long Beach, 2005

Glove, Boise, 2005

God, Boise, 2005

Headstone, Richmond, 1998

Ivy, Richmond, 1998

Perm, Philadlphia, 2005

Phill, San Francisco, 1990

Please, NYC, 1999

Spud, Boise, 2005

Subway Car, Queens, 1998

Thanks, Boise, 2005

Tree, Venice, 2000

Trees, Venice, 2000

"W", Portland, 2005

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