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Barbara Reimer

SPE Member since 2015
Member Chapter: Canada

green man portraits

Stemming from the Finding a Green Photo project, the green man portraits are a series of portraits that are the remnants of the session. Rather than try to make a photograph where one learns more about the subject, I wanted to photograph after the acceptance of the camera has been made and the subject is no longer posing. I would meet my subject and talk with them trough the camera lens, sometimes for up to an hour, before making an exposure. The only direction I gave was that I didn't want them to pose; yet I was getting them to push back into the background.

The film and fiber based prints are developed in coffee. The reference to the green man remains a metaphor, and a nod to the green man of antiquity, not the environmental movement.

The photos are unnamed because I wasn't photographing subjects, only people. Their significance is with me alone though others may recognize them in certain times or places.

green man 7

green man 5

green man 6

green man 14

green man 12

green man 15

green man 8

green man 13

green man 2

green man 3

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