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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Barbara Justice

SPE Member since 2018
Member Chapter: Midwest

Be Excellent To Each Other

Be Excellent To Each Other is an ongoing series based on my time living in Madison, Wisconsin. I document surroundings of my new city by photographing details that have become familiar to me on a regular basis. These subjects are guides for me; they are reference points in my memory and new environment, with them I have established a sense of familiarity and comfort. The results of two layered images reveal a visual metaphor for the time I have spent here, covering and uncovering relevant details that play a role in the discovery of my new home. All images were created with a Mamiya RB67 ProS medium format film camera. This project was very process oriented in that the double exposures were deliberately planned by exposing a roll of ten images on film, then rewinding and reloading the film to expose another ten images on top of those. I plan on continuing this series throughout my time in Wisconsin. The title is from a tavern sign that I pass by and see everyday.

Ideal Bar/Arboretum

Lake Mendota/Warner Park

Johnson Street/Ohio Avenue

Monona Bay/Atwood Avenue

Lake Mendota/Chicago

Johnson Street/Downtown

Lake Mendota/Tyrol Ski Basin

Lake Mendota/Camp Randall

Ohio Avenue/Troy Garden

University Avenue/Atwood Avenue

Ohio Avenue/Capital Motel

Lake Monona/John Nolan Drive

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