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Barbara Dombach

SPE Member since 2009
Member Chapter: Mid-Atlantic

Unfinished Dreams

Everyone has had them. You know, it's those crazy imaginings that visit our sleep which seemingly have no significant rhyme or reason. For some of us, these strange depictions of fleeting moments or maybe even memories past could be nightmares, but for me these bits and pieces of passing visions are simply "Unfinished Dreams."
These transitory moments passing in my mind while I sleep always have an odd beginning, never a plot, sometimes with a bizarre ending leaving unfinished areas throughout that never seem to contain information, logic or answers relating to anything, they are the obscure areas. Thus these peculiar imaginings are never finished.
When we awake few of us have the pleasure of being able to remember these mysterious visitations during our sleep. However, if able to recall them, one could evaluate the significance of these intrusions as references to help solve a problem or contemplate a current or future responsibility. Essentially they are just mysteries of me, fragmentary segments and hidden enigmas.

Chasing Down the Moon

Mirror . . . Mirror

Snake River

Foolish Choice

Picasso's Nightmare


Ophelia's Adversity


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