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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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B. Proud

SPE Member since 2003
Member Chapter: Mid-Atlantic

First Comes Love

The "First Comes Love" Project explores relationships in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (GLBT) communities across the nation, beginning in the local geographic region and then expanding across the country to show that allowing same-gender marriage will pose no threat to the 'sanctity of the marriage". The project's goal is to photograph same-sex couples who have been in long term relationships and to create an expressive portraits to represent, in each relationship, the depth, the seriousness, and the love between two people who have made a commitment to one another. Portraits are presented in black and white to further break down the stereotypes in a society where homosexuality is often characterized by drag queens, gay pride parades, and rainbow flags. The people represented in this project live ordinary lives made extraordinary by their endurance of the attitudes and policies that society directs against them.
The work also features video interviews to accompany the photographs and will also stand alone to tell the story of the each couple in a multi-media approach, showing a broad spectrum of the GLBT community and presenting an intimate view of each couple in their separate interviews as they share the landmarks of their journeys. When the work is complete, it will show a group of people as diverse as the human race itself yet who share the common bond of what it takes to commit to a lifetime of love. This project will focus on the positive nature of same-sex relationships and will highlight the similarities-the equality, if you will, between heterosexual marriage and the GLBT experience. The project will show a side of the story of the GLBT experience that has not yet been told"¦the one that shows already existent long-term dedicated relationships, ones that are in no way a threat to families or traditional marriages. The "First Comes Love" Project hopes to be a book, video and traveling exhibition. A website is in development that will provide a teaching resource for our communities and schools and allow couples to share their stories.nn

Juan and Michael, together 18 years

Sinjoyla and Angelisa, together 14 years

Chris and ABilly, together 33 years

Del and Harriet, together 43 years

Michael and Dan, together 36 years

Edie Windsor and Thea

Harvey and Kevin, together 23 years, son Evan

Mary and Sally, together 14 years

Ruth and Kelly, together 23 years

Chris and John, together 16 years

Anthony and Domenick, together 33 years

Megan and Laura, together 25 years

David and Gary, together 25 years

Milton and Hector,together 19 years

Bishop Gene Robinson and Mark, together 23 years

Len and Fernando, together 30 years, daughter Isabel

Frans and Steve, together 24 years

Santiago and Pablo, together 24 years

Alex, widower after 26 years

Bob and Rich, together 59 years

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