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Anh-Thuy Nguyen

SPE Member since 2010
Member Chapter: Southwest

I Cry So You Can REMEMBER project

I have recently found an interest in working with reclaimed organic materials, in this case, broken tree branches. I challenged myself to create my own vision of beauty using this dead, discarded, material. I turned the dead branches into visual forms, void of their prior purpose, comprised of lines and created artificial teardrops using thermoplastic adhesive. My photographs encapsulate the moment when these tears begin to fall off the branches as if they were crying, mourning themselves before their death. Together these conflicting darks and lights of the materials as well as the contrasting linear and organic quality of the materials yield a complex visual of beauty and lost.

Untitled # 1 from I Cry So You Can REMEMBER

Untitled # 2 from I Cry So You Can REMEMBER

Untitled # 4 from I Cry So You Can REMEMBER

Still #1 from I cry so you can REMEMBER video

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