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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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Wanderlust and Idleness

Summer and holidays are the occasion for a new exhibition at the Museum of Photography on the themes of travel, vacation, leisure time, and of the "slowing down" of landscape as experienced and imagined by artists. The exhibition presents works from the Museum's permanent collection since the 19th century and contemporary photographic works from international artists.
As viewed within the history of photography since its development in the 19th century and the parallel developments in human mobility through technological advancements, travel photography emerged as an increasingly important theme. Ideas such as the perception of the natural sublime and the culturally significant—made visible through the activity of travel, led to the development of tourism in the 20th century that in turn made travel possible for many. Whether with the private automobile, the mobile home, train or airplane— excursions, leisure time in nature, travel or beach culture belong to our collective experience, whereby the social safeguarding of vacation days also manifests itself within the collective workplace.
This artistic photography examines the multifaceted subject matter through differing emphases in content, including critical aspects such as mass tourism or changes in landscapes through human intervention.

Boris Becker | Francis Bedford | Louis Auguste und Auguste Rosalie Bisson | Katharina Bosse Käthe Buchler | Rebecca Hackemann | Calvert Richard Jones | Erik Kessels | Andreas Meichsner | Jürgen Nefzger | Christian Paier | Txema Salvans | Charles R. Savage | Pascal Sébah | Christa Zeißig

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