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Curating as Creative Research

Image Maker Presentation by Shreepad Joglekar

Friday, October 17 - 10:10AM to 11:00AM
Chazen Museum Auditorium

In Spring 2014 I curated Attempted Meanings, as part of the 'Serial Experiments in Artist Curated Micro Exhibits,' at Texas Tech University. This exhibition included works by two Midwestern artists (Kimberly Turner, MI, Gregory Davis, KY - winner of SPE MW Adjunct Award) with very different intentions. Individually, each series of photographs responded to (and also preserved) the scientific and technological contexts within which it was created. While seen together these works referenced, in iek's words, the unknown known(s) that the same scientific and technological contexts have shaped in our psyches. Elaborating on the curatorial process for this exhibition, my lecture will discus the potential for constructing meanings through curatorial intensions, as an extension to traditional creative practice.

Recently, I have come across a recurring figure of speech, In Jeff Dyer's words: 'creative non-fiction,' orwhen addressing how authentic his stories arewhat David Sedaris calls as 'true enough.' I find these expressions perfectly fitting descriptions of photographic depictions. Both the artists that I include in the exhibition mix the facts with fiction, constructing meanings that go beyond their experience of reality. In this process they create documents that are open for interpretation. In this lecture I will argue that role of the curator should be seen as an extension of the artist's practice; that starts with locating the gap between the interpretations offered by individual artworks and, through strategic juxtaposition, releasing new meanings that can only exist outside the scope and intentions of the individual artists.

The Chazen is located at 750 University Avenue on the UW Madison campus.
 Admission is free. The museum is open to the public.


Shreepad Joglekar
Shreepad Joglekar

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