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Layers | The Act of Kinkeeping

Saturday, October 24 - 2:45PM to 3:50PM

Leah Grant's research focuses on providing counter narratives around what it means to be a Black woman through accessing vulnerable components of her personality. An important part of her work are the layers she adds to reveal and conceal parts of her identity. She uses reflection to explore the relationships she has with others to better understand the relationship she has with herself. Writing down poetry and thoughts about how she is adjusting to the changes around her while making time for conversations with people and their experiences leaves space for her voice to be heard through multiple platforms. In this process, she links contrasting elements such as weight in form, color palettes, textures in materials like lace, and textures from nature to assist with abstraction and duality through the multiple mediums such as printmaking, alternative photo processes, and laser engraving and cutting techniques.

Theresa Newsome's ongoing project depicts the process of kinkeeping and the struggles of maintaining and preserving her family history. What my Mother Told Me, What my Grandmother Refused to Say is an intimate conversation regarding concepts of tradition, family history, and the methodical analysis of the artist's genealogical history that has been affected through migration, displacement, and a lack of ancestral upkeeping. Through the use of directorial photography, found images, the construction of a family quilt, and an artist book, Theresa attempts to create a project that explore the loss of personal history. Drawing from oral accounts, family records, and biological analysis of genetic makeup she works to rediscover the family origins and subsequent
narratives in order to gain a better understanding of identity and cultural connectivity. Currently she is documenting the influences of motherhood through within her immediate family through her cousin and goddaughter. Through this artist lecture, Theresa is interested in creating an open dialogue regarding maternal influences within one's family and the importance of family preservation.


Leah Grant
Leah Grant
Theresa  Newsome
Theresa Newsome

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