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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Presentation: Image Makers Reflect on Pictorial Memory and its Influence

Saturday, October 14 - 3:30PM to 4:20PM
Room 158

Participants: Robert Gordon, Alex Emmons,  Laura Blair Boden

Picking at Scabs: Reclaiming the Family Album – Robert Gordon

Picking at Scabs is a body of photographic work that engages with the fragile and unreliable nature of memory. The book and installation address, with differing levels of narrative clarity, my adolescent struggles with my father's alcoholism. In an accompanying book, Five-lined Skink, photographs from the family album are curated and annotated to reclaim the structure and narrative of the photographic record and act as a visual and thematic counter point.

My Visual Compost: an image maker unimaginable cache - Alex Emmons

This presentation will unearth the intricacies, meaning, and the popular organization systems present within our digital picture archives. Furthermore, will explore how our cloud spaces and hard drives point to an entangled web present within our viewing space, references our real lives and creates a hyperreality for all of us.


 Laura Blair Boden

Growing up in a small south Texas town has influenced Laura Blair Bodden's work throughout her artistic career. The work that she creates as an artist comes from a personal place that is linked between her childhood and adulthood locations. 

In her latest body of work, Thresholds, she explores themes of space, time, and location while creating liminal space utilizing aspects of the landscape. The imagery is accomplished through explorations in constructing shadow landscapes, that play with one's perception to invent images that experience liminal space. It is through this journey that her work and concept are transformed first from the mind, into a set, and then into the camera to finally exist as an image that embraces the nature of the landscape as a liminal space.


Alex Emmons
Alex Emmons
Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon

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