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Drones and 3D Printers: The New Photographic Research

Eric Zeigler

Saturday, November 11 - 10:55AM to 11:25AM

I will present a lecture on my current artistic research, which seeks to find the images and image making processes that are most unfamiliar to us in our current photographic era. I am photographing strange parts of our world, mining the public domain for images, and creating sculptures exclusively for photographs. Through all these processes I am curating a set of images that can bring the viewer into the conceit and deceit of an image's actual construction, while I maintain and purposefully utilize well- known methods for creating seductive images.

The images I gather from the public domain are created with cameras that are purchased by institutions and governments, far out of reach of the common photographer. These images are curated together with my own screenshots from screensavers displaying representations of data analysis from information gathered from outer space, images of space materials purchased from eBay, raw ores before they become cameras, sculptures 3D printed from photographic sources, and survey images from my drone over earth bound replicas of the lunar surface.

In this lecture I will explain my artistic research process—which is actually rooted in traditional street photography, but is updated to utilize the Internet, print resources, and does not rely on the sanctity of any individual image but rather the relationships between images (and our culture). I will relate this research and my work to what I think the current idea of photography is—a medium that is difficult to define as a result of its technological nature, which should actually be defined by that flux, instead of attempting to be defined by a prevailing practice for a given era. 


Eric Zeigler
Eric Zeigler

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