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BREAKOUT SESSION - Joan O'Beirne: The Scarf at the BMAC

Joan O'Berine speaks at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center about her current exhibition

Saturday, November 11 - 3:20PM to 4:10PM
Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

This presentation is one of the recommended off-site events available to conference attendees during Saturday's Break-Out session. It is approximately a 7 minute walk to the BMAC. Joan will begin speaking at 2:45pm. This talk is free for conference attendees at the BMAC during this Breakout period. Be sure to wear your badge to the museum.

I will give a talk about the work in my exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center which will be showing concurrently with the conference. This exhibit titled The Scarf is comprised of a video, a large wall-size grid of photographs, and an installation that includes a set of stairs, extension cords knitted into a 30' scarf and a chair. On the day of the opening reception, October 13, I will engage in performance by sitting in the chair at the top of the stairs knitting the extension cord scarf. 

My presentation will also address the artist's impulse to transcend media in order to tell a more complete story. In academia or in my studio practice, my medium has always been loosely based in photography. The question posed by the title of this conference is an issue for every artist working with pixels (or in rare cases, film) in the age of cell phone photos and social media. The large grid of in my upcoming exhibit is photographic only in that it was made from a series of images tiled together in a rough panorama and printed on sheets of brushed aluminum. It depicts a beat-up, tangle of extension cords. The rest is video and installation.


Joan O'Bierne
Joan O'Bierne

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