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Pecha Kucha - Imagemaker Presentations

Six Imagemakers kick off the conference with short presentations done in rapid succession: Michael Cardinali, Andrea Frank, Sarah Knobel, Katharine Kreisher, Danielle Owensby, and Nadia Sablin

Friday, November 10 - 2:00PM to 2:45PM

For the first time, the SPE-Northeast Chapter Conference will hold a block of PechaKucha presentations. These 6 minute 40 second long talks, each by a different artist will present 20 images for 20 seconds each. Each artist's presentation will be followed by another in rapid succession. Michael Cardinali, Andrea Frank, Sarah Knobel, Katharine Kreisher, Danielle Owensby, and Nadia Sablin will be presenting their work and kicking off the conference in this energetic format. Below are some summaries and extracts from these artists' proposals.

Michael Cardinali: In the Field
Underlying the syntax of any art form is our effort to connect with one another. The still image represents my greatest efforts. From an early age, we recognize and respond strongly to the likeness of things in photographs. They matter because of our investment in what we can lose – that which is alive and impermanent. With all their attendant truths and lies, photographs remain primary teachers in the way we see and decode the world.

Andrea Frank: Image Resonance
I have come to photography by way of painting/drawing and installation/public intervention. I approach my artistic research through a systems-thinking lens, and explore psychological, social, political, historical, and environmental dimensions of individual and collective responsibility through a wide range of photography-related artistic media and engagement strategies. All works have in common an anchoring in the photographic image, with its potential for metaphor, association, and emotional resonance.

Sarah Knobel: Stillness in the Moving Image
Throughout history there has been a constant connection between photography and cinema. Photography captures a singular moment, while video captures multiple. Photographers have recognized the relationship between the still and the moving image and have used the principles of photography when making video work. My work is evidence of how I experiment with moving and still image. I enjoy experimenting with contrasts not only in technical aspects but conceptually too. The images explore different ways of identifying our relationship with ideas of the natural and the artificial, the beautiful and the repulsive.

Katharine Kreisher: Family Stories
For my entire career, I have been working among art disciplines, using photographic means as well as printmaking methods, painting on photographs, employing bookarts, performance experiences and installation formats. All my work begins with photography. Some are pictures I make using a wide variety of cameras and others are "found" in family albums. My many different projects are united by feminist themes of identity and family narratives and an endless striving for peace, both personal and universal.

Danielle Owensby: Hidden in Plain Sight - Using Interdisciplinary Approaches to Tackle Trauma
Hidden in Plain Sight is the accumulation of my obsessive pursuit towards the question 'How do we photograph childhood sexual abuse?' My answer is a multi-disciplinary approach, inspired by the words of Elie Wiesel on the Holocaust: "... its enormity defies language and art, and yet both must be used to tell the tale." Childhood sexual abuse is a topic that is difficult to represent due to it's harrowing and secretive nature. Using language, photography, installation, and performance, my work captures the complexity of childhood sexual abuse, which is a drastically under-represented topic in the art world.

Nadia Sablin: The Village
A collection of photographs from the series shot in the village of Alekhovshchina, Russia


Andrea Frank
Andrea Frank
Danielle Owensby
Danielle Owensby
Katharine Kreisher
Katharine Kreisher
Michael Cardinali
Michael Cardinali
Nadia Sablin
Nadia Sablin
Sarah Knobel
Sarah Knobel

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