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Lecture: Follow the Money: A retrospective look at the art market, the fine art photography market and its relevance in today's market.

Presenter: Jennifer Stoots

Saturday, October 21 - 4:00PM to 4:50PM
LiNC 302

Except for, perhaps, the Paleolithic paintings of the Kondoa, Sulawesi and Lascaux caves, art has always been a commodity. Photography, in particular, was a pursuit of entrepreneurial inventors and businessmen long before the process of fixing an image had even been resolved. Once the Daguerreotype entered the public realm, a new industry was born and with it an array of possibilities relating to science, business, politics, advertising and art.

Why is this important? At a fundamental level, the basics of the art business are no different than any other time in history; the tools, mediums and tastes have changed, but the art market has patterns as well as cycles. The art world can be deliberately cloistered and the market mystifying for many. The aim of this lecture will be to demystify and illuminate based on my experience working at galleries, art fairs and as an art & photography appraiser. Many of the issues and topics addressed are relevant to any fine art photographers working today.

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