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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Graduate Student Presentations

Conor Fitzgerald, Rhianna Gallagher, Atis Puampai, Sallie Scheufler, Christian Waguespack

Saturday, November 05 - 10:00AM to 11:30AM
Univ. of Arizona, Center for Creative Photography

Join us for presentations by selected graduate students from the West and Southwest regions:

Conor Elliott Fitzgerald: Murmullos

Murmullos, Spanish for murmurs or whispers, is a meditation around violence in El Salvador, a country where I used to live. The murder of a dear Salvadoran friend prompted me to return to Central America to deal with my grief. In the process of concurrent mourning and research, I have discovered that the carnage in El Salvador is part of a complex legacy of colonial and neocolonial violence, in which, I – as a US citizen – am directly implicated.

Rhianna Gallagher: Lead to Gold

This body of work is born from romantic longing, and the precarious spaces where pain and elation are parallel. Using plants as symbols for desire, I aim to illustrate the mythical notion of a spectral lover come to life from enchanted flowers. In celebration of the individual photographic object, each piece is made with hand painted emulsion, and embellished with watercolor and metal leaf to enhance their sentimental and transitory content.

Atis Puampai: Earth at 970MPH

The presentation will focus on my current project Earth at 970MPH, a series of images that photographically tracks the sun's movement in the sky and incidental earthscapes. With equipment I have built with mostly salvaged parts, I manually aim the camera directly at the sun in long exposures that often extends to over an hour. The results are photographs of a motionless sun with Earth's landscapes rendered as blurs as it spins at 970 MPH anchored at 'Oahu, my current location. The presentation will cover concept, material and process.

Sallie Scheufler: Family and Other Social Experiments

I have been photographing my family, more specifically my little sister, since I was ten years old. I come from an unapologetically loud family. Photography allows me to capture the quiet in-between moments, giving access to vulnerabilities that are usually only shared between loved ones. Since moving away from my family I have turned the camera on myself. Through video I question behavior that seems ordinary or admissible but is inherently problematic.Whether through the family archive or ritual in performance, my work is exploring the multifaceted ideology of identity, the recording of time, and the shared human condition.

Christian Waguespack: Posh and Tawdry: Reframing E.J. Bellocq

E.J. Bellocq was a commercial photographer working in the nineteen-teens who photographed the prostitutes of New Orleans red light district, Storyville. After his death, Lee Friedlander purchased these now damaged negatives and reprinted the full plates, as an art book. In 1970 MOMA exhibited Friedlander's new prints in a modernist fashion. Through aestheticizing these photographs, they lose their values as historical document, and as some of the only remaining cultural patrimony of the now lost Storyville district of New Orleans.' This talk looks at what is lost and what can be gained from a contemporary reframing of Bellocq's historic work.

University of Arizona,
Center for Creative Photography

1030 N. Olive Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85721
(520) 621-7968

Streetcar Information (Sun Link)
Sun Link Route to UA / Center for Creative Photography & Downtown Tucson can be accessed via Sun Link Streetcar Stops at E. Helen St. & N. Warren Ave. or at E. 2nd Street between N. Warren Ave. & N. Cherry Ave. To Access the Center for Creative Photography & the Fine Arts Complex at the UA exit the Sun Link Streetcar at E. 2nd St. & N. Olive Road, then walk north on Olive Road.

Sun Link Streetcar Map:

Parking at University of Arizona, Center for Creative Photography
Parking at UA & for easy access to the Center for Creative Photography & the University of Arizona Fine Arts Center use the Park Avenue Garage located at the intersection of E. Speedway Blvd. and N. Park Ave. Proceed to the southeast corner of the garage and walk through the underpass to Olive Road. During the weekdays, visitor parking in Park Avenue Garage from 5am - 12am is on a space-available basis daily rates are $2.00 per hour with a maximum of $8.00 total per entry. From 5pm till midnight rates are $1.00 per hour with a maximum of $4.00 per evening. On the weekend, visitor parking in Park Avenue is free pending special event parking restrictions.

University of Arizona Campus and Parking Map:

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