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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Honored Educators Presentation

William Jenkins and Sheila Pinkel

Friday, November 04 - 6:00PM to 7:00PM
Proscenium Theatre, Pima Community College

Join us for presentations from and about our esteemed Honored Educators:

• William Jenkins from the Southwest

• Sheila Pinkel from the West

William Jenkins: Teaching, Curating and Photographing

I will make a brief presentation including my work as a curator, photographer and, most of all, teacher. I have taught at the Arizona State University School of art since 1979 and have always thought of myself as a teacher first and an artist second. While this is not what one normally does at a research university it is what I have done. For the last six years I have made portraits, mostly of people I know. I will show some of these and talk informally about my work as a teacher.

Sheila Pinkel: Teaching Photography: An Odyssey of Discovery

I have always approached teaching as an act of discovery both for myself and my students. The goal for everyone, including me, was to learn more about ourselves and the world through direct observation and investigation. The mantra was, "If you always know what you are doing, then you haven't discovered anything." My teaching focused on two areas: classes in the use of light phenomena, both low tech and high tech, to make artworks, and documentary classes where students finally made image/text books of the results of their explorations.

Pima Community College, West Campus

Center for the Arts
Proscenium Theatre

2202 W. Anklam Road
Tucson, AZ 85709
(520) 206-6986

Pima Community College Map:

Sun Tran bus lines to Pima Community College
Sun Tran – Bus Routes 3 & 5 from UA to Pima Community College West Campus, Route 3 via 6th Street (access Route 3 west bound at Campbell Ave. at 6th Street or Euclid Ave. & 6th Street). Route 5 via Speedway Blvd. (access Route 5 west bound at Campbell Ave. at Speedway Blvd., Park Ave., or Euclid Ave).

• Sun Tran Bus Route 3 Map:

• Sun Tran Bus Route 5 Map:

Parking at Pima Community College West Campus
Parking at Pima Community College West Campus is free. Pima Community College West Campus Parking Map:

The University of Arizona does not offer ground transportation to Pima Community College West Campus.

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