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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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"Iridescence: Making Specialized Education Tools Across Disciplines"

- Jennifer Robison

Friday, October 29 - 4:30PM to 5:20PM
Virtual Lecture / Zoom


Online  education  is  a  necessary  component  of  modern  pedagogy,  as  the  educational  system experiences  a  growing  need  for  virtual  content  delivery.  Photography  and  science  have  close connections  but  rarely  interact  across  divisions  within  an  institution,  much  less  across  institutional levels.  A  shared  interest  in  color  and  iridescence  led  to  a  partnership  focused  on  creating  color accurate  images  of  colorless  objects.  A  collaboration  between  an  instructor  of  photography  at  a community  college  and  a  professor  of  Entomology  at  a  university  resulted  in  creating  virtual libraries  of  specimens.  These  libraries  are  being  utilized  in  online  courses,  providing  content  that would otherwise  not  be  possible  digitally.   Throughout  this  process, the  exchange  of ideas  between the  two educators  has  impacted students  in unexpected ways.  This  presentation  covers  how  the  disciplines  work together making accurate  images  of insects  displaying special  properties  and  the  educational  opportunities students  experiences  from  the  collaboration. 


Jennifer Robison
Jennifer Robison

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