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Professor Lightroom: How to Stop Worrying and Love On-Screen Critiques

Christopher Schneberger

Friday, October 13 - 10:00AM to 10:50AM
Embassy Suites, Fon du Lac A-C

In an increasingly screen-based era of photographic education, the traditional studio/classroom critique has changed. When my school switched to a screen-based critique model for our foundations level courses, there was a lot of resistance and frustration. I had always enjoyed the conversations that would occur with students seeing physical prints from each other on the walls simultaneously. This shift of paradigm was unsettling and threatened our sense of how things should be done. However I have developed methods for utilizing Lightroom to simulate and even enhance the conventional prints-on-wall critique experience.

My presentation will outline how I've conducted my critiques on screen using Lightroom and Remote Desktop, combined with small group discussion, as well as full classroom review. I will demonstrate the workflow I teach for students to import, edit, and export their work for submission. I will walk through a demonstration critique using past student work to show the great advantages Lightroom can offer, including: easily moving through a simulated prints-on-wall view; tips to quickly and easily enlarge and compare images; availability of camera metadata as a teaching tool; and the ability to edit images in real-time for class observation. This demonstration will cover use of workspace arrangement, keystroke shortcuts, filtering, and more. I will also touch on tips for personal review, grading of work, and saving of student work for teaching portfolios.


Christopher Schneberger
Christopher Schneberger

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