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Fotografía Plástica: Photo-Constructions and Some Other Non-Reversible Changes

O. Gustavo Plascencia

Friday, October 13 - 1:30PM to 2:20PM
Embassy Suites, Fon du Lac A-C

Plasticity, in physics, is described as the deformation of materials undergoing non-reversible changes of shape in response to applied force. This concept resonates deeply within my artwork, both conceptually and physically. Individuals constantly (re)create and (re)define their identity with the passing of time and new experiences or relationships. In similar ways my prints go through a change with different degrees of molding, cutting, burning, stretching, sewing, or the application of paint or ink before they become finished pieces. Personal narratives, albeit mostly self-contained, depicted in these photo-constructions are linked to intersecting historical, religious, and/or secular histories where the individual goes through non-reversible changes in response of applied force.

In addition to the landscape/place, the body is where personal histories happen – bearing witness to the most transforming of histories for the individual. In my work the body is used as a landscape that is meant to be inhabited and a place where memories/ histories are created – the body is both a vehicle and a destination. This session aims to explore histories dealing with identity within the greater cultural and social environments, commenting on acculturation, religion, gender, social constrains, and injustices - all of these anchored in the use of the landscape and the body as a way to explore how the individual constructs different identities and functions in a postcolonial, multifaceted, and diverse environment.


O. Gustavo Plascencia
O. Gustavo Plascencia

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