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Altered Landscapes: Contemporary Photography in the Anthropocene

María Antonio Blanco Arroyo and Mónica Carabias Álvaro

Friday, October 13 - 2:30PM to 3:20PM
Embassy Suites, Fon du Lac A-C

Our lecture will establish a multidisciplinary approach of contemporary landscape photography focused on the connection between American and European photographers. As Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky's photographs provide a focal point to analyze American and European photographers' work due to the many conceptual connections between them, we will address the creation of a theory of the human-altered landscape by analyzing the symbiosis between humans and their environment across certain photographic projects in the Anthropocene. In order to address this topic, a group of key artists will be included in this presentation, including American photographers Richard Misrach, Dana Fritz, Terry Evans, John Pfahl, Martina Shenal, Peter Goin, and David Taylor, as well as European artists Andreas Gursky, Michael Wolf, Daniel Beltrá, Jorge Yeregui, Dionisio González, Sergio Belinchón, Ofelia García and Luis Vioque. These artists address global world subjects, such as climate change, and their work evokes Anthropocene narratives. The photographic language of all of the artists will be analyzed by establishing philosophical and sociological narratives, with the intention of addressing a profound perception of current environment. That being the case, we will point out significant conceptual bonds between photographic projects developed in different cultures. In sum, the ideas expressed in our presentation will bring us closer to a global understanding of our altered landscape, as photographers' work symbolizes an open window that allows us to understand the process of the continuing change in the landscape.


María Antonia Blanco Arroyo
María Antonia Blanco Arroyo
Mónica Carabias Álvaro
Mónica Carabias Álvaro

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