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Tension, LoMI: The Land of Many Intentions (Image Maker Presentation)

Saturday, November 03 - 1:00PM to 1:20PM
CFA 2018

Tension documents sites that exemplify human-environmental interactions in the arid west. The expansive landscapes of the American West satiate those with a biophilic need to reconnect with nature. Yet, the human-wildland interface is a land of considerable conflict. Development has reconfigured once notable gateways and vistas, or neighbor major extractive industry. Though small islands of wilderness preserve the simulation of a land before colonial conquest it comes with costly-management. Selected images will be part of a collaborative book project authored by Dr. Rohrmeier, Sunspots: A Celebration of Urban Experimentation in Deserts of the American West. Slab City, California and Arcosanti, Arizona will be used to exemplify the postmodern visionaries who are singularly reconceptualizing regional urban design ideals at a grand scale. Photographs will be representative of what Dr. Rohrmeier describes as self-expressive transformation of the desert as a harsh physical landscape intended for inhabitation of an internal society and its institutions.


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