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Photographic Education in an International Context: South Africa's Market Photography Workshop and the University of New Mexico (Scholar Presentation)

Saturday, November 03 - 2:40PM to 3:00PM
CFA 2018

My presentation will discuss the history of photographic education at South Africa's Market Photography Workshop in relation to the University of New Mexico. The Workshop, founded in the 1980s by David Goldblatt, began as a direct response to apartheid restrictions, which limited the access of black South Africans to other institutions. Since the end of apartheid, the Market has reflected larger transformations and has served to some degree as an engine for these shifts. UNM is the flagship educational institution in a minority-majority state. A school that today looks the way most American universities will look in the future, it must use its demographic and cultural diversity as a means of achieving photographic excellence. Both schools grapple with fostering diversity and inclusivity, and each offers useful models for practices of photographic education that seek to respond to student populations that are diverse and societies with histories of oppression and exclusion.


Kevin Mullhearn
Kevin Mullhearn

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