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Intro to Large format with Caffenol, Lith Film and Paper Negatives -- 10AM (Demonstration)

Saturday, November 03 - 10:00AM to 11:00AM
Department of Art Photo Lab (Art 117)

Participants use UNM's 4x5 cameras with alternate materials to create images, including Litho film and paper negatives, which are red light safe and can be processed easily one at a time. This gives a more "instant" result, and creates a more user friendly experience for large format for beginners. Yellow filters to control paper neg contrast will be discussed, as well as developer type and dilution to obtain a full and pleasing tonal range from Lith film. Caffenol will be presented, and recipes given, for use with both film and paper, introducing participants to a less toxic and more eco friendly alternative to traditional developers that, when formulated properly, can produce equal or superior quality negatives and prints. With the use of water as stop bath and sodium thiosulfate as fixer, chemical fumes in a home darkroom (which many students are interested in) can be greatly reduced, as well as the toxicity of chemistry. We will use both diluted Sprint developer and Caffenol for film and paper in the workshop with Sprint fixer. I can demo how to mix sodium thiosulfate, but it takes longer to fix, and does not last as long, so it's not as practical for this environment.

Lightweight 4x5 field cameras will also be discussed, and I will demonstrate my own Intrepid brand camera and Graflex press camera as examples of a practical and affordable entry point into large format photography. This workshop will aim to present options that students or other participants may not have considered to make darkroom photography in general as well as large format something that they might consider. I teach these things in my classes at SFCC, and taught it when I was at UNM as well, and it has been enthusiastically received by many students who were intimidated by film and/or large format. I used the equipment and darkrooms at UNM this past fall when I taught there, so I know what is available, and it should do well to supply students in this workshop.

Limited to the first 12 people to sign up on site during conference check in, starting Friday, Nov. 2 at 3 pm at CFA Downtown, 113 Fourth St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102


Kathleen Bishop
Kathleen Bishop

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