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2021 SPE Annual Conference: CANCELLED Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Kelvin Burzon

Sinful Art: Homosexuality and Catholicism

Friday, October 07 - 8:45AM to 9:05AM
Lindell Room A - Chase Park Plaza

This lecture will present a body of work that investigates living as a Catholic Homosexual. The work is informed by the imagery, theatrics and opulent rituals experienced while growing up engulfed in a Filipino Roman Catholic culture. Obsession with biblical tales, imagery, and themes emerges from the artist’s religious familial identity. The work is about the struggle to define a way to live whilst belonging to two often-feuding communities. This series of photographs merge essential yet contrasting sides of the artist’s identity and allows an engagement in a nostalgic and playful practice. Utilizing borrowed religious imagery and language; the work is recontextualized by the insertion of LGBTQ members, friends and family posing as Catholic deities.

The main focus is to create a harmonious combination of Catholicism (specifically Filipino Roman Catholicism) and homosexuality. The search for a balance that shows no bias and avoids disrespect towards the religious and LGBTQ communities deems most important. Many times this existence is seen as sinful and the art disrespectful but pursuing this series of work has given the artist’s mind solace and realizing a balance that might not be attainable in his own existence.


Kelvin  Burzon
Kelvin Burzon

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