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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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Impermanence: Louisiana's Fraying Coast & Going Away from Here

Daniel Kariko & Jennings Sheffield

Saturday, March 18 - 11:00AM to 11:45AM
Tower C

Kariko -  Louisiana is at the forefront of global sea level change, experiencing the highest rate of coastal erosion in America, losing about one hundred yards of land every thirty minutes- land loss the size of a football field every half-hour. These images are a selection from a two-decades-long investigation of rapid changes in wetlands geography and population in the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary in Southern Louisiana, largely due to human activity. Witnessing this physical unraveling of landscape became a visual metaphor for the disintegration of my native country of Yugoslavia.  

Sheffield - Going Away from Here is a fine-artist book and collection of images captured over four years of Tangier Island which is located off the coast of Virginia in the Chesapeake Bay, and is progressively being claimed by the waters surrounding it an average of nine acres every year. Predicted to be one of America's first climate-change refugees, Tangier sadly tells the tale many low-lying cities around the world are facing in the next 80 years. The images and accompanying text shed light on the difficult decisions that stand before us--how will we decide who and what is worth saving?


Daniel Kariko
Daniel Kariko
Jennings Sheffield
Jennings Sheffield

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