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Past SPE Annual Conferences

2020 SPE Annual Conference Schedule

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Graduate Presentations

Hannah Altman, Leah Schretenthaler, Alex Turner, Adrian White

Saturday, March 07 - 9:00AM to 10:45AM
Plaza I

Four 20-Minute Graduate Presentations

Jewish Folklore and Image Making: Connecting Modes of Storytelling, Hannah Altman
Jewish folklore suggests that the memory of an action is as primary as the action itself. This is to say that when my hand is wounded, I remember other hands. Tracing ache back to other aches is how the Jew is able to fathom a wound. In my work I explore notions of memory, narrative heirlooms, and image making. This lecture will discuss folklore and feminist modes of storytelling in relation to the photograph. To encounter an image is not to ask what it feels like, but to ask: what does it remember like?

The Invasive Species of the Built Environment, Leah Schretenthaler
The land of Hawaii is luxurious and idyllic. But past the wanderlust images, it is also very controversial. Its industrial growth destroys the historical records and spiritual places that have existed there for generations. The silver gelatin prints are laser cut, splicing man-made structures from the landscape. The removed spaces reveal what Hawaii would look like without these impositions.

Blind River: Presence and Absence in the Sonoran Desert, Alex Turner
Collaborating with wildlife biologists who study migration patterns along the U.S./Mexico border, I combine remote-sensing imagery, A.I.-generated data and conventional landscape photography to challenge our perceptions of movement through the Sonoran Desert and reflect on the effects of a political edge space in a continuous natural landscape. Alluding to the tools deployed by U.S. government tracking programs on the border, my work examines both the inherent dangers and potential values of surveillance-based technologies and encourages us to consider a future that utilizes them to the benefit of humankind and our planet.

The Pickled Memory Project: White's Only, Adrian White
I was born and raised in the small tobacco and cotton town of Stantonsburg, North Carolina. As I create, I think about erasing and preserving memories and histories. Slave boats littering the oceans packed with black bodies were the engine for the greatest commerce the world has ever seen. Most of them never made it to America. Ropes were strung from pine trees to exert dominance. Police now continue to kill innocent black men so much that it has become normal. They are lost in the sauce--gone, missing and forgotten. My niece once said, "They will never find them."


Adrian White
Adrian White
Alex Turner
Alex Turner
Hannah Altman
Hannah Altman
Leah Schretenthaler
Leah Schretenthaler

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