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Past SPE Annual Conferences

2020 SPE Annual Conference Schedule

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Evening Guest Speaker Xaviera Simmons

"Undoing (Witnessing To Restructure)"

Saturday, March 07 - 5:30PM to 6:30PM
Galleria Ballroom

Contemporary societal and political thought are crafted instep with moving and still image-making and capturing. Images, along with the written word, shape our methods of witnessing, grappling with and understanding the societies we are actors and citizens within. How has photography and the moving image  enforced and implicated the structural frameworks of our American and global societies from 19th century colonial nation state building to a 21st century police state surveillance system? What role has the image-maker had with regards to enforcing or breaking narratives of oppression and supremacy. Simmons's lecture will refine the language of "undoing" How might we use the study and application of images; moving and still, to restructure and radically rearrange our modern cultural, socioeconomic and material landscapes?


Xaviera Simmons
Xaviera Simmons

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